Perfect Skills of match different colour handbag and clothes

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Perfect Skills of match different colour handbag and clothes Empty Perfect Skills of match different colour handbag and clothes

Xäbär  lucky on Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:15 pm

There are so many clothes and handbags in women’s Wardrobe. How to match different colour handbag and clothes. We need to learn the skill. it make sure that you are always the most attractive woman.

1.Bags and White clothes
White is the color of the holiest, the feeling is the best color of dress, the color of the bag is also associated with the light color. Bag assembly yellow, white or slightly relaxed, coordinated soft colors, with a successful blend of lavender can be used with the pink bag to give people the feeling of soft and elegant. Comparative wear purple with a white suit and matching handbag similar tone, the effect is pretty good.

2. Blue clothes with bags
The blue color of clothing most likely to stock any kind, even the same blue-black or dark blue, it is relatively easy to match, and got a good blue is a strong body effect, is the only option Xiushen Cai crazy.
Blue jacket with red bag, making people look beautiful and handsome, with a gray bag, portfolio slightly conservative, but overall it feels more alive (highly recommended are fine lines of gray, can be a good additional elegance), and lavender sachets with the feeling of a bag of more subtle and white with lots of things to do with their blue-cent, more generally, if added in a subtle blend of purple, so mature city will be added to taste. Dark colors, especially blue package similar to the professional black bag with color reserved for sites that are involved in some form, not only decorated decent, tight turns and light with a romantic charm.

3. The mix of black clothes and bags
Are stable with a mysterious black color, any color, and overall does not have a style that was felt by people's congresses are the choice of black people, absolutely first class.
Themselves with the classic red and black, white and black is the best of timeless, even if a little 'difficult to adapt beige, with a style of event will be able to do the same, the result is almost unprecedented, and sun, the avant-garde, fashion, young people, like a flock of flat words on your behalf. Ok, and then go for steals.
If you want to know the details of that , you may go , I saw there and just share with us.


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