Toshiba NB305-N600 10.1" Netbook

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Toshiba NB305-N600 10.1" Netbook Empty Toshiba NB305-N600 10.1" Netbook

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Mini Toshiba NB305-N600 is the best choice for business. It provide an convenience and fast way to do daily business anywhere, anytime as you like.
Business world, toshiba nb305,everywhere, and almost identical to the Mini-Notebook is a stable and predictable landscape for some time, and has received no less predictable, with the launch of Intel's next-generation Atom processors. Watch the netbook with Windows XP, N270 processor and 1 GB RAM/160GB HDD standard laptop is now Mini Starter, Windows 7, the N450 Processor, 1 GB RAM/250GB hard drive configurations, a random variation.
These variations - more RAM higher resolution and larger screens, more batteries and the keyboard design - defining how any Netbook is.

Battery life, keyboard, comfortable and attractive, sturdy and create other, even when he made a late entry into the small laptop market last year. Like most manufacturers, Tosh has disappeared and has renewed its netbook with Intel Atom platform KO Pine Trail and slightly modified design

I bought this laptop to replace an old desktop computer, because it was a little power hungry and begins to show its age. I came to the conclusion that I do not want to play a high spec PC games, so I prefer console gaming now, but I wanted to use it for music / movie / web browsing, etc. There are quite a few high-spec machines on the market from different manufacturers, which can make the right mind an amazing laptop, even if in the end there is not much to choose between them so for me it came down the length battery life and price. So I got this one, it is great in all aspects. Just say love it.


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