How to keep your handbag looks new

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How to keep your handbag looks new Empty How to keep your handbag looks new

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Handbag is one of the most important fashion accessories. Women always do have many handbags. Some of them just kept in cabinet. For a long time, when you take out, it gets old, looks bad. How to keep handbags looks new?
First, you must know the fabric of you handbags. If the bag in snake skin, It in need of cleaning dust, can be taken to a professional. Paint-If you have any signs of scratches or if the bag is gone gloss paint, a simple vegetable oil can do wonders. Just add a small amount of vegetable oil with a soft cloth, rub the mark and wipe thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth to remove the sign, and return the bag shine. discount handbags,Vaseline also restores the shine, but does not remove the signs.Sweden-Use a hair brush to loosen dirt and the dust from her purse suede. Never use a leather treatment in the deer because the deer can cause permanent damage.
Bags of fabric or fabric-Most of the fabrics or fabrics are made of denim or cotton. Dry cleaning is recommended, but you can also clean the bag yourself. A cotton cloth dampened with a mild detergent solution can be used to gently clean any dirt or spills. Before attempting this make sure to try one in a hidden place to prevent damage to your bag. Then use a hairbrush to brush gently with a small grain of the fabric. Leave your bag to air dry completely before use.
When you receive your bag is a good idea to treat the surface with a protective treatment This will provide a protective layer that will market bag resistant liquid spills and stains. It's probably a good idea to test a small portion of the bag that can not be as visible, to ensure success.
Good keep ways make your handbag looks brand new.


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