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Xäbär  lucky on Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:55 pm

People knows the clothes can show ones characteristic, but they do not realize that look stranger, we can also view she form her handbag.

Assess the woman's figure; look no further than the bag he carries to work. "It 'an absolute indicator of who they are and what their style is," says Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist and entrepreneur. As the size and shape of a wholesale bag but not limited to a pair of skinny jeans, a bag is a simple way for women to express themselves, especially in the workplace. "For most women, the bags are the most important part of the outfit because they do not do your body type," says Kate Schelter, the New York-based designer and brand consultant. Maybe that's why the stock market and global luxury accessories market is worth about $ 24 billion according to the coach and general manager Lew Frankfort.

Whether or construction of oversized duffel bag, bag, buckle detail, right down to the owner to reveal clues. Not to mention that "as the bag is as important as wearing the same bag," says Schelter. Sling it across your body to send a signal other than the chicks on his arm nuclear weapons. Have your assistant to drag you to say something, too.
Zoe, Schelter, best-dressed list of Hall of Fame, an honorary member of Amy Fine Collins, and Rebecca Minkoff designer handbag. The next time you're in the elevator, think twice before lining the mammoth Hobo with ID badges: you give away feeling confused.

Show yourself by handbag.


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