Woo! Ashley Olsen's backpack worth $39,000

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Woo! Ashley Olsen's backpack worth $39,000 Empty Woo! Ashley Olsen's backpack worth $39,000

Xäbär  lucky on Sun Aug 28, 2011 3:51 pm

Fashion handbags are always one of the most important accessories, how much they cost for their handbags?
The backpack is seen with Ashley crocodile is the most expensive of the collection, sale $ 39 000. The bag is so expensive, discount handbag is still selling more shares more expensive than Victoria Beckham, luggage bag $ 29,000 overall.

Although it is quite surprising that the Olsens sell a bag in the same range as a crocodile Birkin (which could reach $ 40,000), two pre-orders for the pack have been Barney. Fashion director of the store, Amanda Brooks, Fashionista said why you think the storage of the bag is in stores.

"I believe that if you were ever to spend $ 39,000 a bag, a bag is worth buying, because I think you put on a very long time," he said. "Just to make it interesting and beautiful design, but they are classic bags - and I think it could also be the only one who has it."
But it seems girls are Olsen on something, according to Barney, two backpacks are already pre-ordered.
Amanda Brooks, director of the boutique, said Fashionista.com why you think the storage bag was worth it.
Balance yourself; pick the suitable and affordable handbag for you.


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