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With the large varieties of nebulizers available, it is not easy to choose the ones that will suit you best. You may get confused when faced with the different types, features and prices of various nebulizer models.If the doctor has prescribed you to use a nebulizer regularly, you should opt a nebulizer that you can carry with you when you leave home. It is therefore advisable to buy a travel nebulizer for this purpose.You may follow the steps mentioned below before buying the perfect travel nebulizer for yourself or for the one who needs it in your family.The first thing you should do is speak to your respiratory therapist about the exact kind of nebulizer you should be using. Ask him if there are any restrictions on the type of nebulizer you should use in order to make your treatment more effective. For instance, some medications go well with traditional, air-compressor jet nebulizer, whereas other types of respiratory problems like cystic fibrosis can be treated more effectively with ultrasonic nebulizers.Before buying a nebulizer it is essential to understand the difference between the two main types of nebulizers. The traditional jet nebulizers have air compressors that are used to deliver the liquid solution or medication as a mist, while the ultrasonic variety of nebulizers use sound vibrations and you will have to add water to it. The traditional jet models make more noise but are definitely more affordable than the ultrasonic models.

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