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This German car manufacturer has been in this industry for more than 100 years. Audi is popular for its luxury cars and SUVs. Formed in the year 1910 by August Horch, the company was given the Latin form of his name. Thus started company along with three other auto manufacturers started Auto Union in 1932. Then after going through difficult situations, The company was bought by Volkswagen in 1964 and in 1980, the company got their break through at the Geneva Motor Show. Audi unveiled the new Audi Quattro and it was well received by the audience and was the first to introduce the all-wheel drive in the high-performance vehicle. Audi is distinct and it is one of a few manufacturers which uses aluminum space frame technology which helps in gaining better vehicle handling ability, increase acceleration and less fuel consumption. Audi is also popular among the car manufacturers for continually variable transmissions feature. The top performer on road has also stylish appearance and ergonomic design. Above all Audi is known for its performance, luxury and comfort.

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